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 English Vocabulary for ESL learners 

Commonly-used expressions.

 Expressions with 'DEAL' 

Expression Meaning Example
A done deal An arrangement made that is now certain to happen) “They are not hostile to the idea, but it’s not a done deal yet!”
A great deal A lot, a great amount A great deal of effort has gone into making the device more reliable.”
A square deal A fair and honest transaction or arrangement “We always get a square deal with that supplier.”
A raw/rough  deal Be treated unfairly or badly “When Gary lost his job after arranging the merger, he really got a raw deal!”
A shady deal A suspicious, dishonest or illegal arrangement or transaction. “The two sons were always involved in their father's shady deals.”
A deal with the devil A risky arrangement with a person of bad reputation “Jack was in such need of money that he made a deal with the devil.”
A dealbreaker Something that is important enough to prevent agreement being reached “We liked the house and the arrea, but the small garden was a dealbreaker for us”
A package deal An offer of a lower price if several items are bought together “We got a package deal including accommodation and a travel pass.”
A sweetheart deal An abnormally lucrative agreement, especially between a public body and a private individual or firm “Opponents say the contract was awarded to the builder as part of a sweetheart deal, and is therefore illegal.”
Clinch a deal Reach agreement on a proposal or offer “Paul's final argument enabled us to clinch the deal.”
Deal a blow Cause harm or greatly upset someone or something “The scandal has dealt a blow to his plans to stand for election.”
It's a deal!
That's a deal!
You've got a deal!
We've reached agreement!
“What if I offer you 80$ for the two?”
You’ve got a deal!
It's no big deal It’s not a big problem, there’s nothing to worry about “The new version comes in a slightly different colour, but it’s no big deal!”
Seal the deal Reach a final agreement and make it official “The two parties are meeting tomorrow to seal the deal.”
Sweeten the deal Make an offer or arrangement more attractive “They sweetened the deal with a pension plan to get him to accept the job.”
Wheel and deal Be involved in complicated or dishonest arrangements “During the election campaign, there was a lot of wheeling and dealing.”

Please note that British English spelling is used on this website.

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