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 English Vocabulary for learners 


from  'above and beyond'   to  'beyond your wildest dreams'

Collocations are combinations of two or more words that usually go together and are commonly used by native English speakers.
Here are some collocations and expressions with 'beyond'.

BEYOND ... Examples of use
Above and beyond
More than required
The report went over and beyond what was necessary.
Beyond you
Too difficult to understand
My grandmother finds her new smart phone beyond her.
Beyond the call of duty
More than you are expected to do in your job.
Emergency workers who go beyond the call of duty should be rewarded.
Beyond compare
Nothing can be compared to it
The beauty of the scenery was beyond compare.
Beyond control
Not (someone’s) responsibility
Due to reasons beyond our control, all flights have been cancelled.
Beyond doubt
Completely certain
The CCTV footage showed beyond doubt that he was present at the scene.
Beyond a joke
No longer funny; has become a serious matter
He used to be funny, but the way he behaves now is way beyond a joke.
Beyond your means
More than what you can afford to spend
I really need a new car but that’s beyond my means.
Beyond the pale
The boy’s behaviour was simply beyond the pale.
Beyond recall
Impossible to retrieve, cancel or reverse
I'm afraid we can't recover the pictures - your camera is beyond recall.
Beyond redemption
No hope of improvement or recovery
With the latest scandal, his reputation is now beyond redemption.
Beyond repair
Cannot be repaired
The technician announced that the computer was beyond repair.
Beyond your wildest dreams
The success of her new book was beyond her wildest dreams.

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