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 English Resources for Teachers 

Useful resources and tools for teachers of English,
and materials for conversation classes.

Listed below are links to a large number of useful online resources for teachers of English, as well as topics for conversation classes.

Lesson plans, articles and materials for teachers
BBC/British Council
lesson plans:primary, secondary and adults.
British Council tools for teaching children (posters, charts and games) Holidays and Celebrations
Breaking News lessons ICAL TEFL Lesson plans and activities
Busy Teacher
printable worksheets
ISLCollective - lessons shared by teachers
Business lesson plans Games for teaching
Business English
British Council
Life skills resources - Macmillan
Teaching English: popular countries for teaching EFL Listening lesson plans
News lessons - the Guardian articles
Lesson plans for children Reading lesson plans
free sample lesson plans
Song lyrics for the classroom
Learn with News Teaching English in France - tips
ESL Printables
lesson plan worksheets
Teaching in the U.K.
ESL lesson plans for adults. Teaching English in the USA
Free resources from Twinkl TESL Journel - lessons and articles.
Games and
warmers for the classroom

Topics for ESL/EFL conversation classes
Despite their initial lack of self-confidence, most ESL students in conversation groups gradually develop their ability to express their thoughts and improve their spoken English.
Below you will find lists of general conversation topics and business topics that may come in handy.
The 'unfinished sentences' are particularly useful for one-to-one conversations, pair work or small groups.
General conversation - Beginners/Pre-intermediate List of Conversation Topics - Advanced level
General conversation - Intermediate Unfinished sentences 1 - Intermediate
General conversation - Advanced Unfinished sentences 2 - Advanced
Business conversation Unfinished sentences - Business

Listening and Video Resources
BBC News Lessons - audio downloads and transcripts Business podcasts - upper intermediate
Listening + script and questions Film Clips
Listening resources for teachers Film-English (ESL lessons)
Listening practice with videos Movie Trailers

Tools for teachers
Audacity - free audio editor and recorder Free gifs and animations
Teaching Tools Fifty Sneakers- create class quizzes
Create word-based games Tools for Educators 
Discovery teaching tools Lesson Writer
Language Menu tools Schoolhouse vocabulary worksheets
Teaching Materials (books, software...)

Resources for Learners

Newspapers - Radio-TV

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