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 New Words in English 

New words and terms coined in recent years,
beginning with 'T' and 'U'


  • tech neck
    • Wrinkles around the neck caused by looking down at phones, tablets, etc.
  • textonym
    • A word produced by predictive text software when you press a combination of numbers on the keypad of a mobile phone.
  • textspeak
    • Language used in text messages consisting of abbreviations, acronyms, initials, emoticons, etc.
  • textual harassment
    • Sending text messages to mobile phones which insult or abuse people.
  • tombstoning
    • Jumping or diving into water from a dangerously high place such as a hotel balcony, a cliff, bridge, wall, roof, etc.
  • trashion
    • Blend of 'trash' and 'fashion'.
      Fashionable items created from old, used and recycled elements.
  • travelator
    • A moving pavement or conveyor for transporting pedestrians, typically found in airports and underground stations.
  • trekkie
    • A fan of the TV science fiction series Star Trek.
  • tribal marketing
    • Marketing strategy which consists in using the social behaviour of certain groups ('tribes') of consumers (e.g. surfers, rappers) to promote a product or service. Very often used by clothing and accessory brands.
  • triggar warning
    • A warning to shield people from ideas, subjects or material they might find offensive or distressing.
  • troll / trolling
    • A person who is provocatively rude or insulting on the Internet in order to cause anger or conflict in an online community such as a blog, chat room or discussion forum. Fake online profiles are sometimes used to harass others.
  • troll factory
    • A company or organisation that pays employees to pretend to be ordinary internet users and write online comments in favour of or against somebody. They often generate fake posts from fake social network accounts or websites.
  • tweeps
    • Blend of 'Twitter' and 'peeps' (people).
      Users who follow you on Twitter.
  • tweet
    • People who 'tweet' send short messages via the microblogging service Twitter.
  • tweetheart
    • A user of the Twitter service who is very popular or admired, or with whom other users communicate a lot.
  • tweet seats
    • Seats reserved in a cinema, theatre or concert hall for people who wish to send tweets to Twitter followers during the performance.
  • twintern
    • Blend of 'Twitter' and 'intern'.
      A person, usually a student or recent graduate, employed by a company to promote its products or services on Twitter or other social media.
  • twitterati
    • People who frequently use the social networking site Twitter.
  • twittion
    • Blend of 'Twitter' and 'petition', a Twitter petition.


  • uber
    • A word used to describe something as outstanding e.g. 'an uber-cool coffee shop" or "an uber-intelligent guy".
  • unfollow
    • Stop receiving another's person's messages on Twitter.
  • unfriend
    • Remove someone from your list of friends on social networks such as Facebook.
  • unicorn company
    • A start-up company whose value has reached $1 billion or more in a short space of time.
  • upperwear
    • Clothes visible during video calls when you are only seen from the waist up.
  • upskill
    • Teach an employee new or additional skills.
  • UX
    • Short for 'user experience'.

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