English Grammar Exercise



Complete the following sentences using whether, whether or not, or if.
(The answers are at the end of the page.)

1.  I can't decide ______________________ to buy a bicycle.

2. Tom asked Julie ___________________ she'd like to go to the cinema.

3. You've got to go to school __________________ you like it or not!

4. Caroline might come.  It depends on _________________ she has a car or not.

5. We're not sure ___________________ we're going to change offices.

6. _________________ I buy the cake or make it myself won't make it less fattening!

7. I wonder  ____________________ I should mention it to my boss.

8. He really doesn't care ____________________ it suits everyone.

9. I'm not sure _________________ I'll have time to go to the hairdressers.

10.The price doesn't change ______________ you travel by car or by train.

 Answers :
1.whether or not 2.if 3.whether 4.whether 5.if
6.whether 7.if 8.whether or not 9.if 10.whether

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