English Grammar Exercise



Complete the sentences below with one of the following words:
(The answers are at the end of the page.)

1. You are welcome to come and stay with us __________ you like.

2. I'd like to speak to __________ is in charge of sales.

3. __________ you do, don't forget to call me as soon as you arrive.

4. It comes in three colours;  choose __________ you prefer.

5. What do you want to do on Saturday?  I don't mind - ___________ you like!

6. He always makes friends quickly, ________________ he goes.

7. _______________  borrowed the dictionary should return it as quickly as possible.

8.  ______________ I try to participate in the conversation, someone interrupts me!

9. There is no entrance fee; you give __________ you can afford.

10.He says he's from Brookstown, ____________ that is.

 Answers :
1.whenever 2.whoever 3.whatever 4.whichever 5.whatever
6.wherever 7.whoever 8.whenever 9.whatever 10.wherever

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