English Grammar Exercise



Complete the sentences with the correct form of 'used' and the verb in brackets.
Ex: 1) Tom______________ (take) the bus, now he walks.  → Tom used to take the bus ...
2) Sue hates computers.  She isn't  ___________them. → She isn't  used to them.
(The answers are at the end of the page.)

1. My grandmother _______________ (write) by hand. Now she uses a computer.

2. Bob is very busy in his new job.  He _____________________(not be) so busy.

3. I've just got my first job.  Now I'll have _______________________(work) regular hours.

4. Driving is difficult for Tom in England.  He  ___________________ (drive) on the left..

5. When Peter was young, he  ________________ (ride) a bicycle to school.

6. Asian people often find our food tasteless.  They ____________________ (eat) spicy food.

7. Computers ________________ (be) very expensive.  Now the prices have dropped.

8. English is used a lot in business.  We _____________________ (speak) it at meetings.

9. During my childhood, I ________________ (spend) a lot of time with my grandparents.

10.Maria thought that she would never ________________________ (live) in New York.

 Answers :
1.used to write 2.didn't use to be 3.to get used to working 4.isn't used to driving 5.used to ride
6.are used to eating 7.used to be 8.are used to speaking 9.used to spend 10.get used to living

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