English Grammar Exercise




1. My sister loves chocolate.  I love chocolate too.
 My sister loves chocolate.  So do I.

2. Andy was late.  Melanie was late too.
 Andy was late.  So was Melanie.

3. They can't speak Chinese.  We can't speak Chinese either.
 They can't speak Chinese.  Neither can we.

4. Coffee keeps you awake.  Tea keeps you awake too.
 Coffee keeps you awake.  So does tea.

5. Sarah doesn't like coffee. Jane doesn't like coffee either.
 Sarah doesn't like coffee. Neither does Jane.

6. David's job isn't well paid.  My job isn't well paid either.
 David's job isn't well paid.  Neither is mine.

7. My parents would love to live by the sea.  I would love to live by the sea too.
 My parents would love to live by the sea.  So would I.

8. Tom wouldn't like to lose his job.  Peter wouldn't like to lose his job either.
 Tom wouldn't like to lose his job.  Neither would Peter.

9. Sophie is interested in art.  I'm interested in art too.
 Sophie is interested in art.  So am I.

10.Bill didn't understand the joke.  His wife didn't understand the joke either.
Bill didn't understand the joke.  Neither did his wife.

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