English Grammar Exercise



Complete the following sentences with the correct tense of the verb in brackets
(The answers are at the end of the page.)

1. In 2015, James______________ (visit) Tahiti with a group of friends.

2. This month Sacha _________________ (revise) for his exams.

3. Meghan is outside waiting for Mark.  She _______________ (wait) for 10 minutes.

4. Marie only has half an hour for lunch so she usually ____________ (have) a sandwich.

5. Ben is an old  friend of mine.  I _______________ (know) him since I was six years old.

6. At the moment I need to concentrate.  I __________________ (do) a grammar exercise.

7. Alex is writing an important report.  He _______________(write) 4 pages already.

8. Once a month Emma _______________ (go) to the hairdresser's to have her hair cut.

9. Last year Sam and Tom ________________(travel) all over Australia.

10.Next Saturday, Andy ________________(take) Sophie to the theatre.

 Answers :
1.visited 2.is revising 3.has been waiting 4.has 5.have known
6.am doing 7.has written 8.goes 9.travelled 10.is taking

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