English Grammar Exercise


Find the Mistake Exercise N°3


Each of the sentences below has one or two mistakes. Find them and correct them.
Example : I am watching television since I came home from school.
→ I have been watching television since I came home.

1. How long are you learning English?
2. How many cigarettes have you been smoking this afternoon ?
3. Sam is working here since 2015.
4. I have this watch since a long time.
5. How many years are you living in London?
6. Mark is exhausted.  He is playing tennis since two hours.
7. Sophie is doing very well at school since the beginning of the year.
8. I have revised my English since 9 o’clock this morning.
9. Melanie knows Laura for many years.
10.Peter is attending English classes since two years.
11.My best friend has always been hating fish.
12.How many chapters of the book did you read so far ?
13.The children are waiting for the bus since a long time.
14.I have listened carefully to the teacher since the beginning of the lesson.
15.How long are you a member of the tennis club?

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