English Grammar Exercise

Find the Mistake Exercise N°2


Each of the sentences below has a mistake. Find it and correct it.
Example : Example : Did you ever visit Canada? . → Have you ever visited Canada?

1. My parents live in a house they have bought 7 years ago.
2. The man who lives next door wrote a book about his recent trip.
3. I have been listening to the recording several times today.
4. Did you ever taste black quinoa?
5. How many new words did you note down so far in this lesson?
6. Caroline has been visiting Hong Kong five times already.
7. I’ve seen that programme on television last night.
8. How many times have you been asking for an explanation?
9. My English improved a lot this year.
10.In her previous job, Julie has spoken English a lot.
11.Jack has worked here between 2010 and 2012.
12.How many times did you go to the theatre this year?
13.How long ago has Emma taken up golf?
14.When I was 6 years old, I have got a bicycle for Christmas.
15.So far I didn’t make too many mistakes.
16.Tony is still watching TV.  He has watched it for 3 hours.
17.I hate red meat.  Since I was a child I have been hating it.
18.How long have you attended these classes?
19.There is no lesson today.  The teacher has been on holiday.
20.I can relax now.  I finished this exercise!

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