English Grammar Exercise



Complete the following sentences with the correct form of the verb in brackets 
(past perfect simple or continuous). 
(The answers are at the end of the page.)

1. When their mother arrived, the children ___________________ (finish) their homework.

2. Sam _____________________ (search) for a long time before he found what he needed.

3. Julie didn't watch the film because she ______________ (see) it before.

4. Chloe was tired when she got home because she ____________________(work) all day. 

5. The mechanic  ________________(repair) her car when Mary arrived at the garage.

6. Hugo was playing tennis.  When Eva arrived, he ___________________(play) for 2 hours.

7. When the dessert arrived, Anne wasn't hungry;  she _________________(eat) too much.

8. It was my first flight.  I __________________________   (never fly) before.

9. Tom was annoyed because Andy ______________________ (forget) to call him back.

10.Joe was ready for the exam.  He ________________________ (revise) for weeks.

 Answers :
1.had finished 2.had been searching 3.had seen 4.had been working 5.had repaired
6.had been playing 7.had eaten 8.had never flown 9.had forgotten 10.had been revising

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