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Answers to exercise


1. Active :   They take the child to school by car.
Passive : The child is taken to school by car.

2. Active :    I saw two armed men in front of the jewellery shop.
Passive : Two armed men were seen in front of the jewellery shop.

3. Active :    The reporter is announcing the results on the radio right now.
Passive : The results are being announced on the radio right now.

4. Active :    Emma had done the housework before the guests arrived.
Passive : The housework had been done (by Emma) before the guests arrived.

5. Active :    The doctor was treating the patient when the ambulance arrived.
Passive : The patient was being treated (by the doctor) when the ambulance arrived.

6. Active :    The ambulance will take the patient to the nearest hospital.
Passive : The patient will be taken (by ambulance) to the nearest hospital.

7. Active :    The teacher had announced the results to the students.
Passive : The results had been announced to the students (by the teacher).

8. Active :    Tom will have calculated the cost before the end of the day.
Passive : The cost will have been calculated (by Tom) before the end of the day.

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