English Grammar Exercise



Complete the following sentences with 'make' or 'do' (in the correct tense).
(The answers are at the end of the page.)

1.If you set up a business, it's generally to _______ money.

2.I can't give the answer right away.  I'll have to ______ some research.

3.I'm very pleased with the result.  You ______ a great job!

4. When I ________ a mistake, my teacher corrects me and explains why.

5.What are you studying?  I'm __________ a degree in history.

6.You'll have to work hard if you want to ________ progress.

7.Stop ________ fun of my accent - it's not my fault!

8.It doesn't have to be perfect - just ______ your best.

9.I've got a toothache.  I'm going to ring the dentist to ___________ an appointment.

10.It's not easy to _________ business with people of different nationalities.

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