English Grammar Exercise



Complete the following sentences with an appropriate form of like, look like or be like.
(The answers are at the end of the page.)

1.Are you feeling all right?  You ____________________ a ghost!

2.What ________ your children _________________ to do after school?.

3.It's incredible how much you ________________ your mother.

4.What________ the weather __________________ in New York at the moment?

5.Caroline works very well.   She  ___________________ her sister.

6.The child drew an animal. What animal __________ it ___________________?

7.What ______ your new job ____________?

8.It's a well-known fact that teenagers tend to  ________________ junk food.

9.Who ________ the baby _______________________?

10.Have you visited the new shopping centre?  What ______________________?

 Answers :
1.look like 2.do/like 3.look like 4.is/like 5.is like
6.does/look like 7.is/like 8.like 9.does/look like 10.is it like

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