English Grammar Exercise



Complete the sentences below with 'in case', 'in case of' or 'unless'.
(The answers are at the end of the page.)

1.Emma won't call you ___________ you give her your phone number.

2.Take a map with you ____________ you can't find the hotel.

3.I won't lend you my car ____________ you promise to drive carefully.

4.________________ fire, press the red button.

5.Ask for a receipt __________ you need it later.

6.The alarm won't work ____________ you turn it on.

7.We got a second key ____________ we lost the first one.

8. Call this number ______________ emergency.

9.I'll see you at the meeting next week_____________ it's cancelled before then.

10.Take your vaccination certificate with you ___________ they ask for it at the airport.

 Answers :
1.unless 2.in case 3.unless 4.in case of 5.in case
6.unless 7.in case 8.in case of 9.unless 10.in case

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