English Grammar Exercise



Complete the sentences below with 'for', 'during' or 'while'.
(The answers are at the end of the page.)

1.I have been waiting for the bus _______________ 20 minutes.

2.Tom played golf ______________ Julie went shopping with her friends.

3.The family lived in Japan _______________ three years.

4.Larry called his mother _______________ Caroline was watching television.

5.My mother came to stay with us ______________ the summer __________ 10 days.

6.Yesterday we played tennis ______________ 2 hours.

7. _______________ the holidays we relax, go sightseeing and visit friends.

8.In Europe, meals are different. People stay at the table ____________ a long time.

9.Alex phoned _______________ you were out.

10.We're going to stay in New York ____________ 2 days ______________ our trip.

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