English Grammar Exercise



Complete the sentences below with the correct form of the verb in brackets.
(The answers are at the end of the page.)

1.If Peter_____________ (have) more money, he _______________ (buy) a new car.

2.What ______________________(you do) if you ____________ (see) an accident?

3.Where ____________________ (you live) if you _____________ (have) a choice?

4.If Caroline ______________ (arrive) late for work, her boss _____________ (be) angry.

5.If his parents ___________ (come), Sam ______________(bring) them to the theatre.

6.Where _____________(you go) if you ________________ (can take) a week's holiday?

7.If Julie _____________ (speak) better English, she ______________ (find) a better job.

8.If Paul's boss ________________ (invite) him to lunch, he ______________ (accept).

9. If I _____________(lose) my wallet, I ______________ (report) it to the police.

10.What ________________(happen) if you ________________ (miss) your flight?

 Answers :
1.had/would buy 2.would you do/saw 3.would you live/had 4.arrived/would be 5.came/would bring
6.would you go/could take 7.spoke/would find 8.invited/would accept 9.lost/would report 10.would happen/missed

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