English Grammar Exercise



Complete these sentences with 'already', 'still', 'always' or 'yet'.
(The answers are at the end of the page.)

  1. John moved to London 10 years ago and he ___________ lives there.

  2. Julie ______________ walks to school.

  3. "What time is the accountant coming?"  "He's ____________ here!"

  4. "I ordered a book last week.  Has it arrived ______________?"

  5. "Do you ______________ take milk in your coffee?"

  6. I've been taking lessons  but I __________ haven't made much progress""

  7. Emma moved in last week and she _____________ knows everyone!

  8. I _______________ save my files and turn off the computer before I leave.

  9. Peter sent in an application form two weeks ago but he __________ hasn't received a reply.

  10. The manager resigned yesterday, but his resignation hasn't been officially announced __________.

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