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English Idioms and Idiomatic Expressions 


from:   'money spinner'   to:  'nest egg'

  • money spinner
    • If an activity is amoney spinner, it is a very successful way of making money.
      "Washing cars was quite a money spinner when I was a student."

  • money talks
    • Money talks means that people with a lot of money have power and influence.
      "The owner is a millionaire and he's influential - money talks!"

  • more money than sense
    • If you have more money than sense, you have a lot of money which you waste by spending it in a foolish manner.
      "He celebrated the birth of the baby by buying a sports car. He's got more money than sense!"

  • not (do something) for love or money
    • If you say that you cannot or will not do something for love or money, you mean that you will not do it under any circumstances.
      "I would not try bungee jumping for love or money!"

  • put your money where your mouth is
    • If you put your money where your mouth is, not only do you express your interest, you give financial support to causes that you believe in.
      "If people are really interested in helping the underprivileged, they should put their money where their mouth is."

  • rake in the money
    • If you rake in the money, you make money in large quantities.
      "Bob's business is so successful, he's raking in the money."

  • rolling in money
    • Someone who is very wealthy or has access to great amounts of money is rolling in money.
      "Steve has no financial problems. His parents are rolling in money."

  • see the colour of someone's money
    • If you want to see the colour of somebody's money, you want to be sure that the person in question has enough money to pay you before you accept to do something.
      "We want to see the colour of his money before shipping the goods."

  • throw money at something
    • If you throw money at something, you try to solve a problem by spending money on it, without using any other methods.
      "The refugee problem cannot be solved just by throwing money at it."

  • throw good money after bad
    • Someone who spends additional money on something that was already considered a bad investment is said to throw good money after bad.
      "Buying a second-hand computer and then spending money to have it repaired is throwing good money after bad!"

  • get your money's worth
    • If you get your money's worth, you receive good value for the amount of money you spend.
      "We bought a travel pass to use the public transport system and we really got our money's worth."

  • nest egg
    • If you have a nest egg, you have a reserve of money which you put aside for future needs.
      "Our parents consider the money from the sale of their house as a nest egg for their old age."

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