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English Idioms and Idiomatic Expressions 


from:   'push one's luck'   to:  'while the going is good'

  • push one's luck
    • If you push your luck, you try to get more than what you have already obtained and risk spoiling the situation.
      "You've got your father's permission to go to the concert.  Don't push your luck by trying to borrow his car."

  • that ship has sailed
    • The expression that ship has sailed means that a particular opportunity has passed by and now it's too late.
      "Sorry, that ship has sailed - you missed your chance!"

  • sitting pretty
    • Someone who is sitting pretty is in a good or fortunate situation, especially compared to others who are not so lucky.
      "He sold his shares at a good time so he's now sitting pretty and enjoying life."

  • strike gold
    • If you strike gold, you find exactly what you need : satisfaction, wealth, happiness, etc.
      "I think she struck gold this time in her new job. It suits her perfectly."

  • strike while the iron is hot
    • If you strike while the iron is hot, you act immediately because now is the ideal time to do it.
      "The price of property has dropped. It's a good time to buy. You should strike while the iron is hot."

  • strike it lucky
    • When someone strikes it lucky, they run into good luck.
      "We had a sunny week in Scotland - we struck it lucky!"

  • tomorrow's another day
    • If you strike while the iron is hot, you act immediately because now is the ideal time to do it.
      "For the moment you need some rest; tomorrow's another day."

  • touch wood/knock on wood
    • This humorous expression, based on superstition, is used to avoid bad luck, often while touching something made of wood.
      "The order will be confirmed shortly - touch wood!"

  • (have a) vested interest (in something)
    • If you have a vested interested in a situation or event, you expect to benefit or gain an advantage from it.
      "Tony has a vested interest in Fred's promotion; he hopes to get his job!"

  • waiting in the wings
    • If someone is waiting in the wings, they are waiting for an opportunity to take action, especially to replace someone else in their job or position.
      "There are many young actors waiting in the wings ready to show their talent."

  • while the going is good
    • If you take actionwhile the going is good, you do something before the situation changes and it is no longer possible.
      "There's a 50% discount on subscriptions this month. I think I'll subscribe while the going is good."

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