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English Idioms and Idiomatic Expressions 


from:   'tug at the heartstrings'   to:  'written all over face'

  • tug at the heartstrings
    • Something or someone who tugs at the heartstrings causes others to feel a great deal of pity or sadness.
      "The hospital's plea for donors tugged at the heartstrings of millions of viewers."

  • (not) turn a hair
    • If someone does not turn a hair, they show no emotion in circumstances where a reaction is expected.
      "When the police came to arrest him, he didn't turn a hair."

  • knock/take the wind out of your sails
    • If someone or something knocks or takes the wind out of your sails, they make you feel less confident by doing or saying something that you do not expect.
      "The bank's rejection of my request for a loan really took the wind out of my sails."

  • turn on the waterworks
    • If someone turns on the waterworks, they start to cry, especially to obtain something.
      "If he doesn't get what he wants, the child immediately turns on the waterworks."

  • over the moon
    • If you are over the moon, you are absolutely delighted.
      "We were all over the moon when we heard the good news."

  • weak at the knees
    • Someone who is weak at the knees is (temporarily) barely able to stand because of emotion, fear or illness.
      "The shock of the announcement make me go weak at the knees!"

  • wear your heart on your sleeve
    • If you wear your heart on your sleeve, you allow others to see your emotions or feelings.
      "You could see that she was hurt - she wears her heart on her sleeve!"

  • wish the ground would swallow you up
    • When you are so embarrassed by something that you would like to disappear, you wish the ground would swallow you up.
      "When I realized I was reading the wrong report, I stood there in front of the group wishing the ground would swallow me up!"

  • be/mean the world to someone
    • When you are or mean the world to someone, you are very important or precious to them.
      "His daughter means all the world to Mr. Jones."

  • throw a wobbly
    • When someone, generally a capricious person, throws a wobbly, they have a fit of nerves or bad temper and lose all self-control, usually because of something unimportant.
      "He's a very calm person - not the sort of man to throw a wobbly if he doesn't have a clean shirt!"

  • written all over face
    • When someone's feelings or thoughts are very clear, you can say that they are written all over their face.
      "Her affection for her grandson was written all over the old lady's face."

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