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English Idioms and Idiomatic Expressions 


from:   'strike a raw nerve'   to:  'tongue-tied'

  • strike/hit a raw nerve
    • If something you say strikes or hits a raw nerve, it upsets someone because they are very sensitive about the subject.
      "You struck a raw nerve when you mentioned divorce. They're separating."

  • swallow one's pride
    • If you swallow your pride, you accept something humiliating or embarrassing, for example having to admit that you are wrong or that you have less knowledge that you thought.
      "When Jill failed the exam, she had to swallow her pride and repeat the course."

  • sweet nothings
    • Pleasant but unimportant words that lovers say to each other are called sweet nothings.
      "He whispered sweet nothings in her ear as they danced."

  • take a fancy (to someone)
    • If you take a fancy to someone or something, you develop a fondness for them or begin to like them.
      "I think Paul has taken a fancy to the new intern!"

  • take a load/weight off your mind
    • If something takes a load (or weight) off someone's mind, it brings great relief because a problem has been solved.
      "When the company closed down, finding a new job took a load off Tom's mind."

  • tear your hair out
    • If someone is tearing their hair out, they are extremely agitated or distressed about something.
      "I've been tearing my hair out all morning trying to find the error!"

  • on tenterhooks
    • A person who is on tenterhooks is in a state of anxious suspense or excitement.
      "The candidate were kept on tenterhooks for hours while the panel deliberated."

  • thank your lucky stars
    • When someone says they can thank their lucky stars, they are expressing heartfelt gratitude or feeling particularly fortunate.
      "I can thank my lucky stars I wasn't on the train that crashed."

  • think the sun rises and sets on someone
    • If you consider someone to be the most wonderful person in the world, you think the sun rises and sets on them.
      "She adores her husband - she thinks the sun rises and sets on him!"

  • think the world of someone
    • If you think the world of someone, you like or admire them very much.
      "She's a wonderful grandmother - the children think the world of her."

  • thinly veiled
    • If something such as a feeling or reaction is thinly veiled, it is barely hidden.
      "The boy's disappointment was thinly veiled when he opened his present."

  • tongue-tied
    • If you are tongue-tied, you have difficulty in expressing yourself because you are nervous or embarrassed.
      "At the start of the interview I was completely tongue-tied!"

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