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English Idioms and Idiomatic Expressions 


from:   'recipe for disaster'   to:  'stand the test of time'

  • recipe for disaster
    • If you refer to a plan or idea as a recipe for disaster, you think it is likely to produce bad results.
      "Our two families together for Christmas? Sounds like a recipe for disaster!"

  • red light district
    • An area of a town or city where there is a concentration of sex shops, prostitution, strip clubs, etc. is known as the red light district.
      "A photograph of the politician taken in a red-light district caused a scandal."

  • right up your alley
    • If something is right up your alley, it is the sort of thing you like or have knowledge about.
      "You like cooking do you? This book will be right up your alley."

  • a rip-off
    • To say that something is a rip-off means that it costs much more than it should.
      "$10 for an orange juice? That's a rip-off!"

  • second to none
    • Something that is second to none is excellent or much better than any other.
      "The service was perfect and the food was second to none."

  • seen better days
    • If something has seen better days, it has aged visibly in comparison with when it was new.
      "My much-travelled suitcase has seen better days!"

  • set in stone
    • When something is set in stone, it is permanent and cannot be changed in any way.
      "The agenda isn't set in stone;  we can add an item if need be."

  • (comes in) all shapes and sizes
    • Something that can be found in many different forms, types or varieties, comes in all shapes and sizes.
      "Computers come in all shapes and sizes nowadays."

  • small potatoes
    • Something that is small potatoes is considered unimportant or insignificant
      "Her first publication was considered small potatoes but her new book has lead to a change of opinion."

  • snail mail
    • This term refers to the standard system of mail delivery, or postal service, considered very slow compared to electronic mail.
      "More and more people are using e-mail rather than the traditional postal service, snail mail."

  • stand the test of time
    • If something stands the test of time, people continue to find it valuable or useful after many years.
      "The teaching method has stood the test of time. It is still used in schools today."

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