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English Idioms and Idiomatic Expressions 


from:   'middle of the road'   to:  'the pits'

  • middle of the road (MOR)
    • This term refers to anything moderate, unadventurous or inoffensive that avoids extremes and appeals to the majority of people.
      "It's a middle-of-the-road restaurant that's ideal for families."

  • mixed blessing
    • Something pleasant which also has disadvantages is called a mixed blessing.
      "He inherited as 18th century mansion but the maintenance costs make it a mixed blessing."

  • name written on it
    • If something has someone's name (written) on it, it is intended for that person or it is ideally suited to them.
      "That dress would be perfect for you - your name's written on it!"

  • next best thing
    • If you can't have exactly what you want, the next best thing is the best alternative possible.
      "The camera I wanted was far too expensive so I opted for a cheaper one that was the next best thing."

  • not a patch on
    • If something or someone is not a patch on an other, they are not nearly as good.
      "His second conference wasn't a patch on the first one."

  • not in the same league
    • If something is not in the same league, it is of much lower standard than something else.
      "He had a good voice but he wasn't in the same league as Pavarotti."

  • not up to par
    • If something is not up to par, it does not meet the required standard.
      "He didn't get the job because his English wasn't up to par."

  • not up to scratch
    • Something which isnot up to scratch fails to reach the expected standard.
      "The quality of the material is not up to scratch. We'll have to change our suppliers."

  • a notch above
    • Something that is a notch above something else is a little better in every way.
      "His rendering of the song was a notch above the others."

  • odds and ends
    • Odds and ends are small articles, or bits and pieces of all sorts, usually of little value.
      "I keep my odds and ends in this drawer."

  • over the top (OTT)
    • Something which is over the top is totally excessive or not suitable for the occasion.
      "Her dramatic speech was way over the top."

  • pie in the sky
    • If an idea or project is pie in the sky, it is completely unrealistic or unlikely to be achieved.
      "The promise of low-cost housing for everyone turned out to be pie in the sky."

  • the pits
    • If something is referred to as the pits, it is considered to be absolutely the worst.
      "That magazine is the pits!"

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