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English Idioms and Idiomatic Expressions 


from:   'stick out a mile'   to:  'worth weight in gold'

  • stick out a mile
    • If something sticks out a mile, it is very obvious or very easy to see.
      "You can see she's had a facelift - it sticks out a mile!"

  • stink to high heaven
    • If something has a very strong unpleasant smell, it stinks to high heaven.
      "Take off those socks - they stink to high heaven!"

  • streets ahead
    • To say that something is streets ahead of something else means that it is much better or more advanced.
      "In measures to preserve the planet, the Scandinavians are streets ahead of us."

  • sublime to ridiculous
    • If something goes from the sublime to the ridiculous, it deteriorates in quality from serious or admirable to absurd or unimportant.
      "An opera followed by a Mr.Muscle contest is going from the sublime to the ridiculous! "

  • ticks all the right boxes
    • If something ticks all the right boxes, it is perfect for you because it meets all your criteria.
      "We're in luck!  We visited an apartment today that ticks all the right boxes!"

  • top notch
    • To say that something is top notch means that it is of the highest possible quality or standard.
      "The hotel was wonderful and the service was top notch."

  • (as) tough as old boots
    • If something, specially meat, is (as) tough as old boots, it is hard to cut and difficult to chew.
      This can also refer to a person who is strong either physically or in character.)
      "I was served a steak as tough as old boots."

  • (right) up/down one's alley
    • If something is (right) up or down your alley, it is exactly the sort of thing that will suit your tastes or abilities.
      "Alex loves reading, so a job in a bookshop is right up his alley."

  • up-to-the-minute
    • Something that is up-to-the-minute is the very latest or most recent version available.
      "The internet is the best place to find up-to-the-minute news."

  • the works
    • Something that has the works contains everything that is possible, or the full range of options.
      "The first thing he did was order a new computer with the works."

  • worth its weight in gold
    • Someone or something that is worth their weight in gold is considered to be of great value.
      "We couldn't run the farm without him.  He's worth his weight in gold."

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