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 English Idioms and Idiomatic Expressions 

Body idioms relating to Blood, Body and Bones
from: 'that makes my blood boil'   to:  'work your fingers to the bone'


  • that makes my blood boil!
    • If something makes your blood boil, it makes you really angry.
      "His condescending attitude made my blood boil!"

  • make your blood run cold
    • Something that makes your blood run cold  shocks or scares you a lot.
      "The look in the prisoner's eyes made my blood run cold."

  • blood, sweat and tears
    • A project or action which involves blood, sweat and tears requires a lot of effort and hard work.
      "His success wasn't due to luck. It was blood, sweat and tears all the way."
  • body language
    • Body language refers to any movement of the body that communicates emotions or information.
      "He looks calm but his body language reveals a defensive attitude."

  • enough to keep body and soul together
    • This expression means to have just enough to survive.
      "In my first job I earned just enough to keep body and soul together."

  • over my dead body
    • The expression 'over my dead body' is used when you absolutely refuse to allow someone to do something.
      "Mum, can I get my nose pierced?" "Over my dead body!"
  • bag of bones
    • To say that someone is a bag of bones means that they are extremely thin.
      "When he came home from the war he was a bag of bones."

  • have a bone to pick with someone
    • If you have a bone to pick with someone, you are annoyed with them and want to talk to them about it.
      "Mark wants to see the boss. He says he's got a bone to pick with him."

  • bone of contention
    • A bone of contention is a matter or subject about which there is a lot of disagreement.
      "The salaries have been agreed on, but opening on Sundays is still a bone of contention."

  • make no bones about something
    • If you make no bones about something, you don't hesitate to say something in a frank and open way.
      "I made no bones about it. I told him his offer was unacceptable."

  • throw someone a bone
    • If you throw someone a bone, you say something kind or reward them in some way to make them feel good.
      "The old man can't help very much but Bill throws him a bone now and then to keep him happy."

  • work your fingers to the bone
    • A person who works their fingers to the bone is extremely hardworking.
      "He deserves his success; he worked his fingers to the bone when he started the business."

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