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English Idioms and Idiomatic Expressions 


(Idioms:  look down your nose  → same old story)

  • look down your nose
    • If someone looks down their nose at a person or thing, they consider that person or thing as inferior.
      "Intellectuals often look down their noses at amusement parks and such."

  • make an ass of yourself
    • If you behave so stupidly that you appear ridiculous, you make an ass of yourself.
      "Tom made an ass of himself by singing a love song outside Laura's door!"

  • make the best of things
    • If you make the best of things, you react in a positive way to an unsatisfactory situation that you cannot change and do the best you can with it.
      "The apartment was badly located, but the rent was low, so they decided to make the best of things."

  • make an exhibition of yourself
      When someone behaves in such a foolish way in public that they look ridiculous, they make an exhibition of themselves.
    • "Get down off the table Fred! You're making an exhibition of yourself!"

  • make light of something
    • If you make light of something , you behave as though it is less serious than it really is.
      "He won several awards for his work but he made light of it when the subject was mentioned."

  • make light work of something
    • If a person makes light work of something, they do it very easily or with little effort.
      "The boys made light work of the cleaning up. The house was spotless in no time."

  • make mincemeat of
    • If you make mincemeat of someone or something, you completely and utterly defeat or destroy them.
      "A good lawyer would make mincemeat of your rival's accusations."

  • make a mountain out of a molehill
    • If someone makes a mountain out of a molehill, they make a small, unimportant problem seem much more serious than it is.
      "Stop making mountains out of molehills! It's not a major problem."

  • make no bones about something
    • If you make no bones about something, you don't hesitate to say what you think in a frank and open way.
      "I made no bones about it. I told him his offer was unacceptable."

  • make nothing of something
    • If you make nothing of something, you attach no importance to it.
      "It took him an hour to walk to the station but he made nothing of it."

  • make short work of something
    • If you make short work of something, you do it or finish it quickly.
      "The players were hungry after the match so they made short work of the food."

  • make someone see reason
    • If you make someone see reason, you persuade them to stop acting foolishly and behave more sensibly.
      "He wanted to drop out of medical school in his fourth year but his uncle managed to make him see reason."

  • make up for lost time
    • If you make up for lost time, you increase your efforts or work harder to complete something or meet a deadline.
      "Progress has stopped because of bad weather, but we are determined to make up for lost time."

  • mind your Ps and Qs
    • If you tell someone to mind their Ps and Qs, you are advising them to be careful about how they behave and what they say.
      "Politeness is very important to my grandparents, so mind your Ps and Qs."

  • one good turn deserves another
    • This expression means that when somebody helps you, you should do something helpful in return.
      "You took my kids to school last week, so I'll take yours this week. One good turn deserves another! "

  • out of character
    • If you do something that is out of character, it is unlike your usual behaviour or not what is expected from you.
      "The way she panicked was out of character for such a normally calm person."

  • same old story
    • This expression refers to an unpleasant situation that frequently occurs in the same way as before.
      "Why am I annoyed with my brother ? It’s the same old story: he borrows money from me and « forgets » to pay me back!"

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