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English Idioms and Idiomatic Expressions 

Alphabetical List of Idioms - B, page 13
from:  'born with a silver spoon'   to:  'all brawn and no brain'

  • born with a silver spoon in one's mouth
    • A person who is born with a silver spoon in their mouth is born into a very rich family.
      "She never has to worry about money; she was born with a silver spoon in her mouth."

  • I wasn't born yesterday
    • This expression is used to indicate that you are not as foolish or as easily deceived as some people seem to think.
      "Stop inventing silly excuses. I wasn't born yesterday you know!"

  • botch up / make a botch of
    • If you spoil something, or make a mess of it, by doing a job badly or incorrectly, you make a botch of it or you botch it up.
      "Danny tried to assemble the new desk, but he made a botch of it."

  • on the bottle
    • A person who drinks alcohol often and regularly is on the bottle.
      "Joe went on the bottle when he lost his job."

  • the bottom falls out
    • When something causes a plan, project or venture to collapse or fail, the bottom falls out of it.
      "When heavy rain was announced, the bottom fell out of their plans for a beach party."

  • bouncing off the walls
    • Someone who is very excited about something, or full of nervous energy, is said to be bouncing off the walls.
      "Danny can't wait to start his new job. He's bouncing off the walls."

  • bow and scrape
    • To say that someone is bowing and scraping means that they are being excessively polite or servile.
      "The President was greeted with much bowing and scraping."

  • brain drain
    • The departure of highly qualified people (scientists, engineers, etc.) for other countries, where they have better opportunities and usually better pay, is called the brain drain.

  • have a brain like a sieve
    • Someone who has a brain like a sieve has a very bad memory and forgets things easily.
      "Oh, I forgot to buy the bread - I've got a brain like a sieve these days!"

  • have something on the brain
    • If you have something on the brain, you think or talk abut it all constantly.
      "Stop talking about golf. You've got golf on the brain!"

  • the brains behind something
    • Someone who is the brains behind a project or action is the person thought to have planned and organised everything.
      "The police have arrested a man believed to be the brains behind the bank robbery."

  • a no-brainer
    • A decision or choice that requires little or no thought, because the best option is so obvious, is called a no-brainer.
      "The choice was between a cash refund or having the amount credited to my account - it was a no-brainer. I took the cash!"

  • get down to brass tacks
    • When people get down to brass tacks, they start to discuss the essential aspects of a problem or situation.
      "The situation was so serious that after a few polite exchanges they quickly got down to brass tacks."

  • all brawn and no brain
    • Someone who is physically very strong but not very intelligent is said to be all brawn and no brain.
      "He's an impressive player to watch, but he's all brawn and no brain."

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