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The meaning of words relating to negotiations.

Agent Person or company that acts for another and provides a specified service.
Agreement Arrangement between two or more people or companies.
Bargain price Reduced price.
Bedrock price Lowest possible price.
Commitment Engagement or undertaking: to commit oneself.
Compromise Each party gives up certain demands in order to reach an agreement.
Condition A stipulation or requirement which must be fulfilled.
Contract Written agreement between two or more parties.
Counter-offer Offer made in response to an offer by the other party.
Counter-productive Having the opposite effect to that intended.
Deal A business transaction.
Discount Reduction in price.
Estimate Approximate calculation of the cost.
Facilities Equipment (for example, parking facilities).
Feasible Possible, something that can be done.
Figure out Find a solution; calculate or estimate the cost.
Know-how Practical knowledge or skill.
Joint venture A way of entering a foreign market by joining with a foreign company to manufacture or market a product or service.
Negotiate Discuss a business deal in order to reach an agreement.
Point out Draw attention to something (for example, the advantages of your proposal).
Proposal Course of action, or plan, put forward for consideration: to make a proposal.
Quote Give an estimated price (a quotation).
Range A selection of products sold by a company.
Rebate Reduction or discount.
Supply Provide customers with goods or services.
Supplier Person or company that supplies goods or services.
Tender A written offer to execute work or supply goods at a fixed price.
Turnkey Equipment ready for use or operation (for example, a plant or factory).
Underestimate Make too low an estimate of something (cost, danger, difficulty).
Work out Calculate (the price of something); find a solution.

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