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Preposition Quiz 4

Complete the sentences below with the correct preposition.

        1.         David is late again.  That's typical   __________  him!   

                          a) of     b) to     c) for     d) in                                     
          2.        Could you translate the report  __________  English please?
                          a) to     b) into     c) in     d) with
          3.         The new director reminds me  __________   Bill Gates.

                          a) with     b) to     c) of     d) from
          4.         He's nervous because he occasionally suffers  __________  loss of memory.

                           a) of     b) with      c) in     d) from
          5.         With a lot of determination she succeeded  __________  getting  into Harvard.

                          a) in     b) to     c) for    d) by
          6.         They're busy drawing  __________   a plan for the new campaign.

                          a) on     b) at     c) up     d) out
          7.         My colleague always finds fault __________ others but never __________  himself.

                          a) in/with     b) in/in     c) with/with     d) with/in
          8.         Business is better nowadays.  We're recovering  __________ the crisis.

                          a) of     b) from     c) out of     d) off
          9.         Bill's retirement deprived us  __________  his experience and competence.   

                          a) with     b) from     c) of     d) out of
         10.        His lack of English prevented him   __________  getting the job.

                         a) to     b) in     c) of     d) from




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