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Preposition Quiz 2

Complete the sentences below with the correct preposition.

              1.     Jack is responsible__________ advertising.

                      a) of     b) on     c) for     d) by    
              2.    That's very kind  __________  you.  Thank you very much!
                     a) to     b) with     c) for     d) of
              3.    My boyfriend is very  interested  __________  art.

                     a) in     b) to     c) into     d) by
              4.    My school is close  __________  the swimming pool.

                     a) by     b) with      c) to     d) at
              5.    The policeman was shouting  __________   the boys who were throwing stones.

                     a) on     b) after     at)    d) to
              6.    I'm going to visit London __________  August.
                     a) on     b) at     c) in     d) for
              7.    Jack is married  _________  my sister.

                     a) to     b) onto     c) with     d) of
              8.    It was difficult for my grandmother to get __________ the taxi.

                     a) at     b) on     c) in     d) into
              9.    Your grandfather is old.  You must be nice __________ him.

                     a) with     b) to     c) of     d) by
            10.    Please stop making fun __________ my accent!

                     a) with     b) for     c) of     d) out of



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