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Preposition Quiz 1

Complete the sentences below with the correct preposition.

              1.    Dad doesn't approve __________ smoking.

                      a) of     b) on     c) in     d) to                                               
              2.    Be careful. You're going to fall __________  the chair!
                      a) out     b) down     c) of     d) off
              3.    I'll meet you __________ the cinema

                      a) by     b) at     c) along     d) before
              4.    The fire-fighters were called because the building was __________ fire.

                      a) in     b) on     c) into     d) up
              5.    We look forward __________ seeing you on Sunday.

                      a) to     b) for     c) in     d) of
             6.    The ceremony is __________ the 4th of July

                     a) at     b) for     c) in     d) on
             7.    Yesterday we watched a film __________ television.

                     a) in     b) on     c) by     d) with
             8.    Julie was so upset, she burst __________ tears.

                     a) over     b) out of     c) on     d) into
             9.    Children are very fond __________ chocolate chip cookies.

                     a) with     b) on     c) of     d) to
            10.    I'll prepare dinner. I'm good __________ cooking.

                     a) in     b) for     c) on     d) at


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