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Phrasal Verbs - 2
[verb +  preposition]

Choose a phrasal verb to replace the explanation in brackets.

               1.    When Caroline goes to work, the babysitter 
(takes care of) _________ ____  the children.

                        a) looks at     b) looks up     c) looks for     d) looks after
               2.    The babysitter
(has a good relationship)   _________  ____  well with the children.

                        a) gets out     b) gets on     c) gets up     d) gets in
3.    Peter promises he will ( stop)  _________ ____  smoking soon.

                         a) give in      b) give over     c) give up     d) give out    
     4.    They (continue) _________ ____  talking when the teacher arrives.

                         a) carry on     b) get on     c) break out      d) remain on
5.    The fire fighters came and  (extinguish)  _________ ____  the fire.

                         a)  put off      b) let away     c) put out     d) let out
6.    I'll call the shop to  (discover) _________ ____  the price.

                         a) find out     b) bring out     c) turn up     d) call up
7.    You never forget the place where  you  (spend childhood)  _________ ____ .

                         a) bring up     b) raise up     c) grow up     d)  rise up
8.     If your car (ceases to function) _________ ____  , you should call a garage.

                         a) stops off     b) breaks down     c) turns off     d) breaks out
     9.     It's difficult for a plane to (leave the ground) _________ ____  when there is snow on the ground.

                         a) take off     b) start up      c) lift off     d) rise up
     10.     You must  (return) _________ ____   the books that I lend you.

                          a) hand in     b) take back     c) give back     d) pay for


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