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 English Vocabulary for ESL learners 


A list of useful phrases relating to restaurants and food.

English vocabulary relating to restaurants and food, for ESL-EFL learners.

Questions | Requests | Enquiries Answers | Queries | Information
• I'd like to book a table please.

• Could I/we have a table please?

• Would you have a table for 2 please?

• Could we have a table next to the window/outside/upstairs/downstairs?

• Do you cater for children?

• Do you have a high chair for the baby?

• Can we take the pushchair/buggy/stroller inside?
• For how many people?

• How many of you are there?

• Inside or outside (in the garden/on the terrace)?

• Have you booked? / Do you have a reservation?

• Your name please?

• I’m afraid we’re full right now.

• There’ll be a table free in (…) minutes.

• Could you come back a little later?
• How long will we have to wait?

• Will we have to wait long?

• How long will it take?
• I'm afraid you'll have to wait
... a little while
... for half an hour/30 minutes

• Would like to wait in the bar?
• Can I have the menu please?

• Could we have some water please?

• What soft drinks do you have?

• Do you have a wine list?

• Could we have the wine list please?

• Do you have any vegetarian/vegan dishes?

• Do you have any gluten-free dishes?

• Do you have a set menu?

• Do you have a menu/portions for children?

• Does this have ….. in it?

• What is ..... exactly?

• We'd like to order now please.

• I'll have .... to start with.

• For the main course I'd like ...

• Could I have some more bread/butter/water please?

• Could you bring us some salt/pepper/ketchup ...?

• What desserts do you have?

• Are you ready to order?

• Would you like to order now?

• What would you like to drink?

• Still or sparkling water?

• Would you like to see the wine list?

• How would you like your steak cooked?
... rare? / medium rare? /well done?

• The fish is cooked in a sauce / served with a ... sauce.

• It's grilled/baked/stir-fried ...

• It's a fillet. There are no bones in it.

• The chicken is cooked in (a light) batter.

• It is / it is not (very) spicy.

• Would you like a side dish: vegetables / rice / salad / chips (US: French fries) ...?

• Do you need anything else?

• Do you have everything you need?

• Is everything OK?

• Would you like a dessert?

• Can I have the bill please?

• We're going to split the bill.

• Can we pay separately?

• Do you take/accept credit cards?

• Can I pay by credit card/cheque (US: check)?
• Yes of course.

• Here you are.

• Are you paying together or separately?

• No problem.

• I'm afraid we don't take credit cards / cheques.

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