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(page 1 : ace → honour)



Ace A hole in one (shot)
Away The player whose ball is furthest from the hole.
"Who's away?"
Birdie One stroke under par (par = standard score for the hole)
Bogey One stroke over par (par = standard score for the hole)
Bunker A sand trap or hazard
Caddie Person who accompanies a player, carries their golf bag and gives advice
Cart ( also: buggy) Small vehicle for transporting two players and their golf bags
Chip A low short shot to the green
Course (golf course) A large area of land designed for playing golf.
The course is divided into 9 or 18 holes.
Dog leg A fairway that turns left or right
Drive The first shot on every hole
Driver Wood n° 1
Driving range Practice area with mats, or on grass.
Some driving ranges are sheltered or have overhead protection.
Eagle Two strokes under par (par = standard score for the hole).
Fairway Part of the golf course between the tee and the green which is kept free of rough grass
Flag stick Pin supporting a flag on the green
Fore! A warning call when a ball is heading towards another player
G.A.S.P. Grip, address, stance and posture :
what you need to check before starting your swing.
Gimmie When an opponent decides that you don't need to play the next shot, usually because you are close to the hole.
Green Part of the golf course with grass cut very short, surrounding a hole.
The hole contains a cup into which players try to "putt" their ball.
A flag shows the position of the hole.
Green fee Fee paid to play a round (game) of golf.
Handicap A numerical representation of a golfer's playing ability.
Hazard A difficulty or obstruction on a golf course such as a lake, pond, fence or bunker.
Honour The player with the best or lowest score on the previous hole has "the honour" or the right to tee off first on the next hole.
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