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 English Vocabulary for ESL learners 

Commonly-used expressions.

 Expressions with 'CHANGE' 

Expression Meaning Example
A change is as good as a rest A change in routine is as refreshing as a rest or a holiday. "Let’s go to a different restaurant. A change is as good as a rest!"
A change for the better/the worse Improve or deteriorate something. "The weather is changing for the worse. Look at those clouds!"
A change of scene/scenery Move to different surroundings or a new environment. "I've been living here for too long. I need a change of scenery!"
A change of heart A change in the way that you feel about something. "He was against charity but he had a change of heart when he saw the plight of the homeless."
A leopard can’t change its spots People cannot change their fundamental nature. "He promised his wife he’d change but a leopard can’t change its spots!"
Change the face of something Alter something completely or in a major way. "Social networks have changed the face of modern communication."
Change beyond all recognition Be so altered that it is no longer familiar "When he visited his birthplace the town had changed beyond all recognition."
Change hands Belong to a different owner. "The restaurant has changed hands many times over the years."
Change horses in midstream Change plans or strategy during an activity. "Let's keep to the original plan; it's risky to change horses in midstream."
Change your mind Change your opinion or make a different decision. "At first she refused the invitation and then she changed her mind."
Change your tune Change your attitude towards something completely. "The boy changed his tune when he saw the policeman arriving."
Chop and change Constantly change your opinion and cause confusion. "Don't chop and change all the time - just make up your mind!"
Sweeping changes Extreme or far-reaching changes that have widespread effects. "The new manager made sweeping changes to the sales department."
Times have changed Life is different now from what it used to be. "Most women work today. Times have changed!"

Please note that British English spelling is used on this website.

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