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 English Vocabulary for ESL learners 


Short phrases and expressions regularly used in everday conversations.

After all
(considering what has happened)
“We don’t have to invite them to our wedding. After all, they didn’t invite us!
As a matter of fact
(actually, in fact)
“I keep in touch with Carla. As a matter of fact we had lunch together today.”
At any rate (anyway, anyhow) Nobody was aware of the problem. At any rate noone in our department was.
By all accounts (from what people say) I made some enquiries and, by all accounts, this is the best hotel.
By no means (not at all) It's by no means easy to adapt to a new country.
By the way
(incidentally - I've just thought of something else...)
By the way, parking is free in the town centre after 7 p.m.
Come to think of it
(incidentally - I've just realized  something ...)
Come to think of it, it would be much simpler to pay by bank transfer.”
In other words
(to put it/to say it another way)
“I see. In other words you’ll come if Jack can come too – is that it?”
If you ask me
(If you want my opinion)
If you ask me, she’s looking for a compliment!”
If all else fails
(if nothing else succeeds)
If all else fails we can stay here and order a pizza.”
So to speak
(in a manner of speaking)
“The new recruit has passed his entry test so to speak.”
That reminds me
(something (said) makes me think of…)
That reminds me … it’s time to start sending out the invitations.”
With one thing and another
(I’ve had so many things to do)
“Sorry. With one thing and another I completely forget to call you back.”

Please note that British English spelling is used on this website.

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