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ESL/EFL Resources - Links

Links to other useful websites for English learners.

Listening (podcasts, videos and film clips) and Speaking

BBC Words in the News Breaking News English British Council
Business English Elllo English EnglishMedLab
Business-Employment Focus English
Listen to English
Listening practice with videos Multimedia-English Videos
Randall's Listening Lab
Simple English News 123 Listening TV commercials
5MinuteEnglish True life-history recordings English Central videos
Film CLips Movie Trailers Videos- TED talks
Listening comprehension
with song lyrics
Speak Confident English WeSpeke social network
YouTube mini lectures


Easy articles for learners Short stories Short stories for children
Literature library American Life (VOA blog) New articles for classroom
Free online e-books Bartleby: free books Reading (adults) + exercises
Free ebooks to download Free reading lessons News articles in levels
Free short stories Intermediate reading resources Advanced reading resources

Exam Preparation

Practice tests for exams
Toefl exercises
Toeic exercises
Gmat exercises
Test Magic
Online Test Page
Proficiency test
SAT practice tests
Reading comprehension ex.
TOEIC sample tests TOEFL Quick Preparation TOEIC preparation
  IELTS exam tips TOEFL Guidelines


Pronunciation guide
Video pronunciation
Language Guide
Pronunciation practice
American+Canadian dialects
Pronunciation guide
Pronunciation tool
(text to speech)


Graded Dictations Short dictations Video dictations

Jobs - CVs - Resumes - Interviews

Jobsearch vocabulary Resume writing Free Resume Templates
CV examples More Samples & Templates Free CV builder
Resume Samples Advice and tips on CV writing Advice on resume writing
  Improve writing skills  

Studying Abroad

Go abroad
Transitions abroad
English in USA
Studying in the USA Scholarships UK-USA University College Dublin
Study in the States USA study guide Learn English in Australia
UK student life in Britain Best places to visit in London English language courses
Erasmus exchange prog. English in a British home. Open Colleges Australia
Insurance: travel/health Study Abroad Programs Scolarships, grants & loans

Online Education

Study Online - Australia Writing and communication

English language resources

Confusable words
Common mistakes
Origin and history of English
English spelling
English spelling - BBC
French used in English
Meaning and origin of phrases
Origin of words and names
Polite English
Glossary of financial terms
English learning blog Verb conjugation Verb conjugation 2
Amusing English facts Vocabulary guide Wyzant - Esl resources
Commonly confused words FindMeWords Grammar + worksheets

Other ESL websites

British Council English for children Vocabulary + sound (US)
Cambridge free resources Funky English ESL learning for travelling
(French-speaking learners) (French-speaking learners) (French-speaking learners)
Language Guide English tests from Vocable English grammar in French.
Tim's Box free games France's English-language newspaper Online technical English database
Le Monde-TheGoodWord  blog English + Golf in France

see also:  Resources for Teachers