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 English Proverbs and Sayings  

Alphabetical lists of commonly-used proverbs and sayings in English.

 List P-Q :  "the pen is mightier.."  →  "put all your eggs in one basket..."   

Proverbs and sayings are short statements of wisdom or advice that are transmitted from generation to generation and have passed into general use.

  • (The) pen is mightier than the sword.
    • Words and communication have a greater effect than war and fighting.

  • Penny wise, pound foolish.
    • Refers to a person who is careful about spending small amounts of money, but not careful about spending large amounts.

  • People who live in glass houses should not throw stones.
    • One should not criticize others for faults similar to one's own and risk retaliation. re

  • (A) picture paints a thousand words.
    • A picture is better than a long description.

  • Pity is akin to love.
    • If you begin to feel sorry for someone, you may start to love them.

  • Poverty waits at the gates of idleness.
    • If you do not work, you will not earn any money.

  • Practice makes perfect.
    • Doing something repeatedly is the only way to become good at it.

  • Prevention is better than cure.
    • It is easier to prevent something from happening than to repair the damage or cure the disease later.

  • Pride comes before a fall.
    • Don't be too self-confident or proud; something may happen to make you look foolish.

  • (A) problem shared is a problem halved.
    • It is easier to deal with a problem when you discuss it with someone.

  • Procrastination is the thief of time.
    • Delaying an action for too long is a waste of time.

  • (The) proof of the pudding is in the eating.
    • The real value of something can be judged only after it has been tried or tested.

  • Punctuality is the soul of business.
    • You should always be on time for your business appointments.

  • Put all your eggs in one basket.
    • Risk everything by relying on one plan (e.g. by putting all one's money into one business).

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