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English Phrasal Verbs

A phrasal verb is a verb followed by a preposition or an adverb;
the combination creates a meaning different from the original verb.
Below you will find a list of phrasal verbs in alphabetical order
with their meaning and an example of use.

Phrasal verbs - Alphabetical List D

Phrasal Verb



deal with Handle, take care of, address (problem, situation) The manager is good at dealing with difficult customers.
deck out (in/with) Dress; decorate 1) The women were all decked out in beautiful
2) The exhibition hall will be decked out in the
  colours of Europe.
die down Calm down, become less strong. When the applause died down, she started to sing.
dig into 1) Try to find deep inside something.

2) Start to do something.

3) Take from something.
1) He dug into his pocket and found a coin.

2) It was time to dig into the work that had
 accumulated on her desk.

3) Dad had to dig into his savings to repair the
dig up 1) Break up the soil/remove by digging.

2) Discover or reveal information.
1) He tried to dig up the tree by its roots.

2) Some newspapers often try to dig up
 scandalous information.
dish out Distribute or give away a lot. He spent the day dishing out invitations to tourists.
dispense with Decide to do without something. I'm afraid you'll have to download it.
They've dispensed with the paper version.
do away with Get rid of;  abolish. Some people think it's time to do away with the monarchy.
do over Clean or redecorate. My parents will need to do over their living-room soon. The paintwork needs refreshing.
do up Fasten (a garment) Good boy Alex! You know how to do up your coat now!
do without Manage without. The shops are closed so we'll have to
do without sugar.
drag on Last longer than expected. We expected a short speech but it dragged on and on!
drag out 1) Make something longer than necessary.

2) Make someone reveal or give information unwillingly.
1) Let's decide now and not drag out this

2) The police finally dragged out a confession
 from the suspect.
draw up Write (contract, agreement, document). An agreement as drawn up and signed by the two parties.
dress up 1) Wear elegant clothes.

2) Disguise oneself.
1) Do people dress up to go to the opera in your
2) Children love to dress up at Halloween.
drift apart Become less and less close. We were childhood friends but we drifted apart over the years.
drift off Gradually fall asleep. He sat back, closed his eyes and drifted off.
drive at Insinuate;  be trying to say. What exactly are you driving at?
drop behind Fall into a position behind others. Our sales have dropped behind those of our competitors.
drop in Visit, usually on the way somewhere. I sometimes drop in to see my grandparents on my way home from school.
drop off 1) Deliver someone or something.

2) Fall asleep.
1) I'll drop you off at the bus stop if you like.

2) Granddad often drops off in front of the TV.
drop out Leave school without finishing. She decided to go to art school, then dropped out after the first term.
drown out Be louder in order to cover another sound. She turned up the music to drown out the noise of the children outside.
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