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Recently-coined English words, terms and expressions with their meaning.

The English language is notoriously fast in adapting to the changing world.
New words enter English from every area of life where they represent and
describe the changes and developments that take place from day to day.
Here are some words and expressions that have been coined in recent years.

Word Meaning
Gastropub A pub which, in addition to beer and alcoholic drinks, offers gastronomic cuisine.
Gastrosexuals A new generation of men who see cooking more as a hobby than
a household chore, and use their cooking skills to impress friends and potential partners.
Gastrosexuals A new generation of men who see cooking more as a hobby than
a household chore, and use their cooking skills to impress friends and potential partners.
Geek A person obsessively concentrated on a particular interest, especially new technological devices.
Generation Snowflake  A derisive reference to today’s teens and young adults (called ‘millennials’) who are viewed as being more easily offended and less resilient than previous generations. Generation Snowflake believe that it is their right to be protected from anything they might find unpalatable or makes them feel uncomfortable.  
Glad rags Your best clothes or dressy clothes you wear on special occasions.
Glamping Blend of 'glamour' and 'camping'. Luxury camping : sleeping in the open but with every comfort including cooking equipment.
Glass cliff Refers to a situation where women are selected for positions when there is a strong likelihood of failure.
Gran-lit Blend of 'granny' and 'literature'.
Books that appeal more to older people.
Grexit Blend of 'Greece' and 'exit'.
The potential withdrawal of Greece from the Eurozone
Greycation Going on holiday or vacation with grandparents in order to reduce the cost.
Guesstimate Blend of 'guess' and 'estimate'. A rough estimate without any claim of accuracy.
Hacktivist A person who breaks into a computer system for a political or socially-motivated purpose, usually to transmit a message.
Hashtag The # symbol (hashtag) is used on social networking services such as Twitter to identify a keyword or topic of interest and search for messages (tweets) related to the subject.
Hater A social networking app which allows people to share their dislikes.
Haycation A holiday or vacation spent on a farm.
Hearable Electronic device worn in the ear which incorporates a computer or technical gadget to provide information, music, etc.
e.g. applications related to fitness.
HENRY Abbreviation of high earner not rich yet; refers to a person with an income between $100,000 and $250,000.
Hoody or hoodie A person, especially a youth, wearing a hooded top.
Hotspot Location in which wireless Internet access is available for example airports, hotels, train stations, etc.
Humblebrag To say something with apparent modesty but at the same time actually boast about an achievement.
Hygge A Danish concept of creating a cosy convivial atmosphere in which people can relax and enjoy life’s simple pleasures.
Hyperconnected To be able to communicate and be instantly reachable through multiple devices with Internet connectivity (smartphones, laptops, tablets, etc.).
ICE number In Case of Emergency
The telephone number of a friend or relative who should be contacted in an emergency situation. The ICE number is stored in your mobile phone and identified in your address book by the prefix ICE.
ex: ICE1 or ICE Mum.
Impactful Having a great impact or effect, or making a strong impression.
Infomania Constantly checking and responding to email and text messages.
Infomercial Blend of ’information’ and ‘commercial’.
A short sponsored film, usually on television, which promotes a product in an instructive way.
Infomercials aim at demonstrating the use and benefits of a product in order to encourage sales.
Infotainment Blend of 'information' and 'entertainment'.
A television program that combines journalism and entertainment, and presents a combination of news and entertaining content such as interviews and reviews.
It bag High-priced designer handbag that is the bag "of the moment", or
a "must-have" item.
It girl A girl who has become a celebrity more through intense media coverage than through any personal achievements (e.g. Paris Hilton).
Jeggings Blend of 'jean' and 'leggings'.
Tight-fitting stretch trousers for women made from a denim fabric with the elasticity of a legging.  They resemble a pair of denim jeans with fake pockets and belt loops.
Jigsaw family A family which includes the children from each partner's previous relationship(s), in addition to any children they may have together.
Jumbrella Blend of 'jumbo' and 'umbrella'. Very large umbrella set above tables outdoors at a coffee shop, pub or restaurant.
Koozie A thermal foam sleeve to put around a can or bottle to keep the content cool.
Landline A telephone connected to wires in a fixed location as opposed to
a mobile or cell phone.
Laymanise/laymanize To simplify technical information so that it can be understood by ordinary people or non-specialists.
Leet (short for ‘elite’), or the numerical variation 1337, is a jargon term which refers to people with advanced computer and gaming
skills or programming knowledge.
In leetspeak the user replaces letters with numbers and symbols.
Legsie A photograph taken by yourself of your suntanned legs to show that you are enjoying your holiday.
(The sand and sea are usually visible in the picture.)
Listicle An article in the form of a list published in a newspaper, magazine or online.
e.g. "The ten most interesting places to visit".
Locavore A person who only eats food produced locally.
Loom band A small bracelet made from brightly-coloured rubber bands which are woven together in a variety of configurations.
Mailbomb To deliberately try to disrupt another computer system by sending massive amounts of email to it.
Manspreading Men taking up too much space on public transport by sitting with their legs wide apart and encroaching upon their neghbour's space.
Me time A period of time spent exclusively on yourself doing something that you enjoy and allows you to relax.
Meh Interjection used to express indifference or to show that one simply does not care. Equivalent to shrugging one’s shoulders.
Used as an adjective it means 'mediocre'.
Meme A meme can be a photo, video, fictional character, symbol, quote, story, song, idea, or anything else, that goes viral online, spreading from person to person very quickly.
Meritocracy The idea that merit and individual effort determine one's success rather than wealth or birth.
Micro-condo A very small apartment (most often found in cities where housing is very expensive).
Mocktail Non-alcoholic drink that looks like a cocktail.
Nail tat A temporary tattoo applied to the nails.
Nano break A one-night holiday, or going away from home for one night.
Netbook Small laptop computer which weighs less than 3 pounds and has
a 7 to 10 inch screen.
Netiquette Blend of 'network' and 'etiquette'. Set of rules governing appropriate behaviour and courtesy on the internet.
Netizen Blend of 'internet' and 'citizen'. A person who spends an excessive amount of time on the internet.
Netpicker A person who surfs the internet looking for information in order to impress others with their knowledge of current events.
Nevertiree A person who continues to work after they have reached the age of retirement.
Newbie A new member of any group, community, or activity.

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