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English Grammar and Exercises for ESL learners.


(differences in British and American spelling and vocabulary)

British and American spelling and vocabulary differ in many areas.
British English tends to keep the spelling of words absorbed from other languages
(e.g. French), whereas American English often adapts the spelling of words to sound
as they are actually spoken.
There are also many cases where different words or terms are used to refer to the same thing.
Below you find examples of differences in spelling and vocabulary.

Britain America

-our / -or

Many words end in -our in Britain, and in -or in America.
colour color
favour favor
honour honor
neighbour neighbor

-tre / ter

Words ending in -tre in Britain end in -ter in America, for example :
centre center
litre liter
metre meter
theatre theater

Doubling of letters

In Britain, the 'l' is doubled in an unstressed syllable :
travelling traveling
marvellous marvelous

Different spelling

analogue analog
catalogue catalog
cheque check
dialogue dialog
defence defense
jewellery jewelry
kerb curb
plough plow
programme program
pyjamas pajamas
speciality specialty
tyre (for a wheel) tire

Different words

aubergine eggplant
autumn autumn/fall
bill check
bin trash can
biscuit(s) cookie(s)
bonnet (of a car) hood
boot (of a car) trunk
car park parking lot
cot crib
chemist's drugstore
chips French fries
city centre downtown
crisps (potato crisps) chips (potato chips)
cinema movie theater
courgette zucchini
CV resume
draughts (board game) checkers
dustbin garbage can
film film/movie
flat apartment
football soccer
full stop (punctuation) period
garden yard
grill (verb) broil
handbag purse/pocketbook
holiday vacation
letter box mail box
lift elevator
lorry truck
luggage baggage
maths math
mobile phone cell phone
motorway freeway/highway
off-licence liquor store
nappy diaper
pavement sidewalk
petrol gas/gasoline
pocket money allowance
post mail
postcode zip code
primary school elementary school
pub  bar 
queue line
return (ticket) round trip (ticket)
rubber eraser
rubbish garbage
secondary school high school
single (ticket) one-way (ticket)
solicitor lawyer
starter (meal) appetizer
sweets candy
tap faucet
timetable schedule
tin can
toilet bathroom/restroom
torch flashlight
tram streetcar/cable car
trainers sneakers
trousers pants
tyre tire
queue line
underground subway
vest undershirt
waistcoat vest
wardrobe closet

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