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English Grammar and Exercises for ESL learners.


What is the difference and when do we use them?


Even though is used to express a fact, something that is real or true.
Even though means 'despite/in spite of' the fact'.
It is more emphatic or stronger than 'though' or although'.
  • Even though John is rich, he lives in a small house.
    (John is rich, but despite having money he lives in a small house.)

  • Even though she likes animals, Mary doesn't want a dog.
    (In spite of the fact that she likes animals, Mary doesn't want a dog.)

  • Even though the building was damaged, business went on as usual.
    (The building was damaged, but despite that business went on as usual.)

  • Even though I washed it several times, I couldn't get rid of the stain.
    (I couldn't get rid of the stain despite washing it several times.)


Even if is used in a supposition or hypothesis.
It refers to an imaginary or unreal situation
  • Even if Caroline earned a big salary, she would not buy a fast car.
    (Caroline doesn't like fast cars. It is not because of the price that she won't buy one.)

  • Even if I had time and money, I still wouldn't go on a cruise.
    (It's not because I have no time or no money that I won't go on a cruise.
    I have other reasons for not going.)

  • I wouldn't wear that dress even if I got it for free!
    (Imagine getting that dress for nothing. I still wouldn't wear it!)

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