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wish - if


       1.           I don't speak Chinese and I regret that.

                     I wish I spoke Chinese

       2.           Tom didn't work hard last year and now he's sorry.

                     Tom wishes he had worked hard (or harder) last year.

       3.           The children are shouting and I'd like them to stop.

                     I wish the children would stop shouting.

       4.           Caroline isn't rich enough to buy an apartment otherwise she would do that.

                     →  If Caroline were rich enough she would buy an apartment.

       5.           My car broke down on Sunday and I regret that that happened.

                     I wish my car hadn't broken down on Sunday.

       6.           In your position I think I would have a check-up once a year.

                     If I were you I'd have a check-up once a year.

       7.           It would be better if it stopped raining.

                     I wish it would stop raining.

       8.           I don't have any cake to offer you and I'm sorry about that .

                    → I wish I had some cake to offer you.



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