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Reported (indirect) Speech 


Change the following sentences from direct speech to reported speech

 Example :
Direct Speech:  Jane  : "I play tennis every Saturday."
  Reported Speech :  Jane said she played tennis every Saturday.


Direct speech :        David : "There is an excellent band playing later on."         
            Reported Speech :  David said there was an excellent bank playing later on.
Direct speech :        Christine : "I saw Amy at the bank on Monday."
            Reported Speech :  Christine said she had seen Amy at the bank on Monday.
Direct speech :         The driver : "I'm going to turn right at the traffic lights."
            Reported Speech :   The driver said he was going to turn right at the traffic lights.
Direct speech :         Jonathan: "I've returned the dictionary to the library".
            Reported Speech :   Jonathan said he had returned the dictionary to the library.
Direct speech :         The doctor : "I'll send you the results as soon as they arrive."
            Reported Speech :   The doctor said he would send me/us the results
                                              as soon as they arrived.
Direct speech :          Caroline : "Will you come to my party on Saturday?"
            Reported Speech :    Caroline asked (me) if I would come to her party on Saturday.
Direct speech :          Shop assistant:  "Are you looking for something special?"
            Reported Speech :    The shop assistant asked if I was looking for something special.
Direct speech :           Jack :  "I'll lend you my grammar book if you think it will help.
            Reported Speech :     Jack said he would lend me his grammar book
                                                if I thought it would help.

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