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Present Perfect - Past SImple

Find the mistake - n°2



         1.     I live in a house I bought 7 years ago.
         2.     The man who lives next door has written four books about his travels.
         3.     I have listened to the recording several times today.
         4.     Have you ever tasted a cereal called “quinoa”?
         5.     How many new words have you noted down so far in this lesson?
         6.     Caroline has visited Hong Kong five times already.
         7.      I saw that programme on television last night
         8.     How many times have you asked for an explanation?
         9.      My English has improved a lot this year.
        10.      In her previous job, Julie spoke English a lot.
        11.     Jack worked here between 1996 and 1999.
        12.     How many times have you gone to the theatre this year?
        13.     How long ago did Emma take up golf?
        14.     When I was 6 years old, I got a bicycle for Christmas.
        15.     So far I haven't made too many mistakes.
        16.     Tony is still watching TV.  He has been watching it for 3 hours.
        17.     I hate red meat.  Since I was a child I have hated it.
        18.     How long have you been attending these classes?
        19.     There is no lesson today.  The teacher has gone on holiday.
        20.     I can relax now.  I have finished this exercise!

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