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Present Perfect - Past SImple

Find the mistake - n1



                 1.       I visited New York two months ago.   
                 2.      Anne isnt here at the moment.  Shes gone to London.
                 3.      In your life, how many different countries have you visited?
                 4.      They opened the new shopping centre last week.
                 5.      How many pages have you read so far this week ?
                 6.      When did you buy your car?
                 7.      Ive lived in London for 5 years.
                 8.      I saw that film last Friday.
                 9.      His English has improved a lot this year.
                10.     In his last job, Peter travelled to Germany every month.
                11.     Julie worked here between 1997 and 1999.
                12.     How many films have you seen this month ?
                13.     When did Mary arrive ?
                14.     Before leaving for Boston, I bought a good dictionary.
                15.     So far I haven't received a reply to my invitation.


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