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 English Idioms and Expressions 

Idioms: Intelligence, Smartness and Comprehension-6
from:  'use your noodle'  to: 'wrap your brain around'

  • use one's noodle
    • If you use your noodle, you use your brain or your common sense.
      "How did I figure that out? I just used my noodle!"

  • (a) walking encyclopaedia
    • This term refers to a person who is very knowledgeable about a lot of subjects.
      "The origin of Halloween? Ask Jill - she's a walking encyclopaedia!"

  • weigh pros and cons
    • If you weigh the pros and cons, you consider the advantages and disadvantages, the arguments for or against something, and try to understand the benefits and drawbacks of each alternative.
      "They weighed the pros and cons of the agreement before signing. "

  • weigh your words
    • If you weigh your words, you choose your words carefully in order to express exactly what you mean and avoid any misunderstanding.
      "At the press conference he spoke very clearly, weighing his words."

  • get wires crossed
    • If people get their wires crossed, they misunderstand each other or are confused about what was said.
      "We must have got our wires crossed. I thought we were to meet at the hotel."

  • wise after the event
    • When, after something has happened, someone realises what could have been done to prevent it from happening, they are wise after the event.
      "I should have realised the boy was in difficulty and offered to help, but it's easy to be wise after the event."

  • wise for their years / wise beyond their years
    • Someone who is wise for their years or wise beyond their years has more knowledge and experience that most people at their age.
      "She's still a child but she's wise beyond her years."

  • wise up / get wise (to something)
    • If you wise up or get wise to something, you become fully aware of the facts and are no longer fooled.
      "When Mike finally wised up to the methods being used, he resigned from the company."

  • none the wiser
    • If you do not know more about something after hearing or reading an explanation, or if you fail to find information on the subject, you are none the wiser.
      "I tried to understand the voting system but I was none the wiser after reading the explanation."

  • wrap your brain around (something)
    • If you concentrate on something in an effort to understand, you wrap your brain around it.
      "I need a translation of this report urgently, so wrap your brain around it fast!"

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