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 English Idioms and Expressions 

Idioms: Health and Fitness-1
from:  'in bad shape'  to: 'my dogs are barking'

  • in bad shape
    • A person who is in bad shape is in poor physical condition.
      "I really am in bad shape. I must do more exercise."

  • back on your feet
    • If you are back on your feet, after an illness or an accident, you are physically healthy again.
      "My grandmother had a bad 'flu but she's back on her feet again."

  • back into shape
    • To get yourself back into shape, you need to take some exercise in order to become fit and healthy again.
      "Eva decided she'd have to get back into shape before looking for a job."

  • bag of bones
    • To say that someone is a bag of bones means that they are extremely thin.
      "When he came home from the war he was a bag of bones."

  • full of beans
    • A person who is full of beans is lively, active and healthy.
      "He may be getting old but he's still full of beans."

  • black out
    • If you black out, you lose consciousness.
      "When Tony saw the needle, he blacked out."

  • (as) blind as a bat
    • Someone whose vision is very poor, or who is unable to see anything, is (as) blind as a bat.
      "Without his glasses, the old man is as blind as a bat."

  • blue around the gills
    (also: green or pale around the gills)
    • If a person looks blue around gills, they look unwell or sick.
      "You should sit down. You look a bit blue around the gills."

  • feel blue
    • To feel blue means to have feelings of deep sadness or depression.
      "I'm going to see my grandmother. She's feeling a bit blue at the moment."

  • kick the bucket
    • To kick the bucket is a lighthearted way of talking about death.
      "Tony will inherit when his grandfather kicks the bucket."

  • (a) cast iron stomach
    • If you can eat all sorts of food and drink what you like, without any indigestion, discomfort or bad effects, it is said that you have a cast-iron stomach.
      "I don't know how you can eat that spicy food. You must have a cast-iron stomach."

  • (a) clean bill of health
    • If a person has a clean bill of health, they have a report or certificate declaring that their health is satisfactory.
      "All candidates for the position must produce a clean bill of health."

  • off colour
    • If you are off colour, you look or feel ill.
      "What's the matter with Tom? He looks a bit off colour today."

  • (as) dead as a doornail
    • This expression is used to stress that a person is very definitely dead.
      "At the end of the winter they found the old man as dead as a doornail."

  • (like) death warmed up
    • If you look like death warmed up, you look very ill or tired.
      "My boss told me to go home. He said I looked like death warmed up."

  • dice with death
    • If you put your life at risk by doing something very dangerous, you dice with death.
      "Going mountain-climbing alone is dicing with death."

  • die with one's boots on
    • A person who dies with their boots on dies while still leading an active life.
      "He says he'll never retire. He'd rather die with his boots on!"

  • (my) dogs are barking
    • When a person says that their dogs are barking they mean that their feet are hurting.
      "I've been shopping all day. My dogs are barking!"

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